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About Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy (Homoios = similar; pathos = suffering/disease) is a branch of medical science based on the principle “Similia Similibus Curentur” means “like cures like,” i.e., substances that cause certain symptoms in a healthy person can also cure those same symptoms in someone who is sick. It was founded by a German physician Dr. C. F. Samuel Hahnemann in 18th century who is considered as Father of Homoeopathy.

It is one of the most gentle and a sympathetic form of healing that has been growing rapidly all over the globe. World Health Organization (WHO) has designated Homoeopathy as the second largest therapeutic system of medicine that treat patients by stimulating the body’s own healing powers with natural remedies. In Indian context, Homoeopathy is in use for more than a century and a half. It is well blended with the roots and traditions of the country and is now recognized as one of the National Systems of Medicine...

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Frequently Asked Question

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which assists the natural tendency of the human body to heal itself. It acknowledges that all symptoms of ill health are a mere manifestation of the disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient that requires treatment and not the disease. It has been in existence worldwide for nearly two hundred years and its popularity is rising in the present day.
Homoeopathy remedies are prescribed according to the Law of Similars. For instance, we know that when cutting a strong smelling onion we often experience an acrid running nose, a soreness in the throat and stinging, watery eyes. A homoeopath will prescribe Allium cepa (made from onion) for patients who suffer from cold and a sore throat with similar symptoms. A homoeopathic remedy acts as a signal which energizes or stimulates the body’s healing power, mobilizing the defense systems and working in the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the being. Just as a television produces images of the program it has been tuned, so is a sick person very much in tune or sensitive to the correct remedy and only a minute stimulus from the correct signal (or remedy) is required.
It is a false notion that homoeopathic medicines act slow. One of the reasons for such a misconception could be due to the fact that inspite of its tremendous potential to cure common acute ailments, Homoeopathy is being widely used for treatment of long term ailments. The long term diseases take more time to recover than acute diseases.
A well selected Homoeopathic remedy act very fast in acute diseases also. Commonly people resort to Homoeopathic treatment when their ailment becomes more and chronic, or when there is a difficult condition, which defies conventional treatment or there is a proposed surgical treatment which is unavoidable. Naturally, these conditions will take some time to be cured. Even then, by its effectiveness and successes, it has earned good reputation and patronage.
Homoeopathy has its own scope and limitations. Through Homoeopathy, acute or chronic, local or general ailments can be treated except diseases where surgery is unavoidable. Some of these so called surgical problems like enlarged tonsils, sinusitis, piles, fistula, kidney stone etc, in its early stages could be treated with Homoeopathic medicines to a large extent.
Homoeopathy influences the body’s energy rather than its chemical balance. Hence, the remedies do not cause side effects since there is no chemical trace to accumulate in the tissues. For the same reasons, it is not possible to take an overdose of homoeopathic medicine in the same way as in allopathic medicine (which works on a chemical level) Homoeopathic remedies are therefore not intrinsically dangerous. Yet, they are capable in stimulating the body’s reactive forces powerfully and should be treated with respect and caution.
Homoeopathy is holistic medicine. Homoeopaths do not treat physical, emotional and mental illnesses separately, but regard them as intimately connected. These are all aspects of the whole of the patient’s suffering. Further, they understand that symptoms of illnesses are evidence of the body’s natural and automatic efforts to heal itself. These clues are used to guide them when prescribing a remedy.
So, the patient may be asked questions about all sorts of apparently minor deviations from health and about character and personality traits. It may appear that the homoeopath is interested in matters that have little to do with the particular complaint about which the patient is most concerned. This is because, before prescribing, the homoeopath wants a complete overview of the patient. A remedy is then prescribed for that individual patient and not for his or her disease. Therefore, homoeopathy is truly holistic.
Homoeopathic remedies cure the whole as opposed to the symptoms. The time it takes to cure a symptoms is directly dependant on the complexity of the ailment. Since the remedy works from inside out, internal disorders are the first to be cured as opposed to superficial outer symptoms. Be patient, for it is more beneficial to cure the cause of the illness as well as the symptoms, rather than simply relieve the symptoms. Two patients with a cold may look similar but may have completely different remedies prescribed to them.
One can learn to utilize excellent remedies for simple first aid situations such as cuts, bruises, insect stings, stomach upsets etc. Do not try and resolve serious and more complex ailments on your own. Contact your homeopathic doctor for such treatments.

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AYUSH Covid Helpline No : 14443

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