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hospital-facilities & ICD-11 coding tool link.

hospital-facilities & ICD-11 coding tool link.


CLICK HERE to open ICD-11 coding tool software.

Hospital Facilities

(Patients are requested to use face mask, and preferably take appointment before visiting OPDs on phone no. 266742. Please use sanitizer and wash your hands frequently with soap & water)

Minor Surgical Procedures


Antenatal Checkups

Postnatal Checkups

Medicine OPD

Paediatrics OPD


First Aid


Clinical Laboratory

Rehabilitation,Yoga & physiotherapy

Indoor Hospital equipments

Sr. No Name of Article Quantity Available
1 Iron Beds (Simple, surgical & Paediatric) 25
2 Stretcher with trolly 4
3 Sterilizers (Autoclaves) 2
4. B. P. Instruments 7
5 Urine pots (Male & Frmale) 21
6 Bed Pans 10
7 Tongue depressor (Disposable) 105
8 Suction Machine 1
9 Suction tube 10
10 Artery Forceps (Small, Medium & Large) 40
11 Back Rest 2
12 Oxygen cylinder with stand 5
13 Dressing Drums (Big/small) 3+3
14 Diagnostic set (ENT) 5
15 Infra-red Lamp 1
16 Chair trolly with wheels 3
17 Refrigerator 1
18 Weighing Machine 4

In addition to above the following items/equipments/consumables are also available

Operation table, Labour table, operation table focus lamp with stand, Patient monitor, Instruments trolly, ECG Machine, Fumigation apparatus, Kidney trays, IV stands,Bed side trollys, Nebuliser, Thermometers, Pulse oximeter, Instruments trays with lids, Dilators, Douch sets, Feeding cup, Episotomy Scissors, Uterine Sound, Uterine curette,Uterine forceps, Vulsellum forceps, Sims vaginal speculum, Chord clamps, Foetoscope, Sponge holding forceps, Bowls (Large, Medium & Small), Cheatle's forceps, Torch, Stethoscope, Knee hammer, Abdominal retractor (Doyen's), Blunt forceps, toothed forceps, crush forceps, hot water bags, Ice Bags, Needle holders, Ovum forceps, Surgical scissors, Drape sheets, Leggings, Surgeon's gown, caps & masks, Surgical gloves, Betadine/Savlon/Calendula solutions, Surgical blades,Suturing threads, Suturing needles, Catguts, Catheter (Foley's), Urobags, Cotton, Bandages, Crepe bandages, POP bandages, Drainage sheets, DNS/D5/RL/NS, Drip sets, face masks, finger splint Gauze, Glycerine syringes, Gynaecology sheets, IVcanula, Lignocaine 2% & 4%, Macintosh sheets, Micropore tape, Oxygen masks, Ryle's tube, Ambu bag,